Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a lemony night

alrighty. it's 10:30pm. i am sitting at the kitchen table. vincent eats his muesli. i am somehow tired but at the same time i just want to bake.
right now i want to bake this cake.

i saw this amazing looking cake on one sheepish girl. but originally the recipe is from happyolks. i always wanted to make a lemon curd tard but the amount of eggs needed for it always shocked me.
but a couple of days ago i stumbed on this vegan lemon curd recipe and it's just yummy! so happy me can go off conquer the lemon curd recipes of this world.

but since it's late and my flour is not enough i gues i have to postpone it. but i will bake it. definitly.

i wish you the best night. dream well, of cakes maybe. i will.

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