Thursday, June 21, 2012

What a day!

so this is my"busted" face. Vincent and me are in his school, as always in the past weeks. He is learning his new lines at the moment, and i should write some more for him. But i am a lazy gal again.
Instead i read my favourite blogs, am on facebook and i took this fotobooth picture. I thought he would't notice but the sound was still on! So i was busted.
It could be possible that he didn't even notice, since he was so focused. anyway, i feel definitly a little guilty at the moment.
but still i can't stop surfing the internet for new and exiting stuff.
Have you seen this beautiful crochet collar?

it's from this lovely blog.
And once again i wish i could read english crochet patterns. maybe, when i have a bit more time like in the summer i will sit down and translate it. phew. me and patience.

AND: There are some big news. It's been a month since i moved from Vienna to Bern and as for now i am living with Vincent in his room at his flat share. We didn't really tell his flat mates but he said it'd be fine so i trusted him. And he's right it's not a problem really. The room is big enough and the other guys are nice. But i always feel as if i was intruding their space by being in the kitchen too often or that sorta thing.
And i can not keep that feeling up for another year. So we were looking for an apartment today! It was a tiny studio in a huge building. It has one room (20qm2) a little kitchen corner (<3) and a teetsie tiny bathroom with a shower.
I was thrilled!
Our first flat together!
We don't know if they pick us but in my mind i am already decorating and measuring every corner to get everything out of the little space we have.
is that crazy?

Oh. Rehearsels are beginning.
So Silence for Me.


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