Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Will you still love me tomorrow?

...some of you might know amy winehouses version of the song: will you still love me tomorrow.
it was the same here with me. but a couple of days ago i stumbled of this beautiful version by the shirelles. i am not sure if there's is the original, but anyhow i love it!

isn't it just the perfect music for a nice evening on the balcony, with a cool beverage in your hands and your favourite person right next to you?

right now, i am at vincents school like so often this past weeks. i am waiting for him so we can go to the aare, which is a beautiful river here in switzerland. it passes right through bern. and since the summer just go into town we are gonna take a break, jump on our bikes and let the aare take our breaths away (literally, since it's still freezing cold, man. 15°C. )
And i am going to show off my brand new bathing suit.

Isn't it pretty? I love the vintage look of it! i searched for ages for a nice swimsuit that comes in my cup size and which i can afford at least a little bit. and after a frustrating webjourney, i stumbled across this. and then it still took me a couple of months to decide on this piece. and tough its not the peeeeerfect fit i am so freaking happy!
I purchased it on figleaves, which is an english webstore and it has a great selection of bigger cup sized swimwear and lingerie. so if anybody else out there is always near a mental breakdown when it comes to buying lingerie, give it a look.
Eventough the bathingsuit is a little extravagant for my usual style i just really love it. i just have to learn to wear it with confidence. i got curves, why not show them off?

aw, man.
fake confidence.

anyhoo, i wish you the best!

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