Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Beet-Horsereddish Spread

I don't know about you but i LOVE beets. In all kinds and shapes. In salats, pickled, cooked or in a spread for my breakfast.
or lunch.
or dinner.

So i would like to present you this delicious recipe.
All you need is

1 medium sized beet or 2 small ones
1 inch of horsereddish (or the amount you can handle)
2 tbs of sunflowerseeds, soaked over night
1 tbs of sunflower oil 
a splash of fresh lemon juice or some brandy vinegar
salt and pepper to taste.

first you need to cook your beets. be careful to leave the skin intact otherwise it will bleed ;)
cooking time may differ but it should take about half an hour. let them cool down so you can peel the skin and chop it into little pieces.
drain your sunflower seeds and combine with your beet in a deep bowl.

Afterwards you want to grind your amount of horsereddish. Now take your mixer and start mixing while adding the horsereddish. you may want to taste  in between if the horsereddish is enough or if you want more.
Now add the juice and oil and keep mixing until you have a very nice and smooth texture.
put in salt and pepper to taste.

that's it.

It a really easy recipe and it's so delicious. You should totally try it out!
tell me if you tried it out and liked it!

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  1. This looks delicious, and that color is amazing!