Monday, December 10, 2012

almost silent night

so vincent is up in the north fighting for his career and while i miss him very much i listen to some lovely music, eat christmas cookies and drink my green tea.

boy, the year is coming near its end and it's actually the first time i start thinking about making new year's resolutions. when i was a child my parents always asked me what they were and i would just say: to be more hardworking and be good at school (but i never was).

so much happened this year which made me mature on so many different levels that i want to work  on having goals. not huge in the far future goals (of course i have those, somehow..) but little ones and a little bigger ones like saving money for an adventure with V. in the summer. we thought about iceland. and taiwan. and japan.
but we'll see.

do you already think about the new year and what it might bring? or are you living in the 2012-moment what soon will come to an end?

i wish you a lovely night.

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