Thursday, November 15, 2012


The past couple of weeks have been interesting. Apart from having held the worst presentation in my academic life since the 8th grade most of the things happening where quite positive.
I turned 23 last week and so far everything seems to change. Mostly in my head. Maybe i am seeing myself as an adult more and more and that's somehow very...liberating.

I am going to extend my stay here in Switzerland for another semester and am a little exited about it. Because how things have been going lately it could happen, that i won't return to Vienna in the near future or all together.

Vincent and me are talking more about our future together and there might be pretty big changes coming up, which i find sooo exiting.
Normally i am very intimidated by changes at first. I know i am capable of adapting to new situations but that doesn't necessarily mean i like it. But in this case i am thrilled.

For the last couple of months i wasn't in a very happy state of mind. Not going in a direction you are totally comfortable with is very stressful. I was doubting myself constantly. Now i just want to take a turn and break out all together. I haven't figured everything out, yet. But i am exited and full of positive energy.

yay, for change!

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