Monday, October 29, 2012

First Snow of the Season

i took these pictures last saturday evening, when vincent and i went for a long walk to a nearby hill. whe weather was fabulous; the sun was shining so warm and bright and i had a glimse at a wonderful sunset.

So naturally i was shocked, when i looked outside my window this morning to see this:


I know that most people around here are pretty annoyed by it, but i am just so psyched. there is just something about snow that lightens my heart and makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside eventhough it happens every year around the same time i am always so surprised.

suddenly i can calm down easily and find the time to do stuff i never found time for in the past days. like lightening a candle, writing a letter to a dear friend and really choose good music and listen propely.
i am exited for the months to come.

Is it embarrassingly too early to listen to A Very She & Him Christmas?

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