Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lazy Sunday

i hope you all had an enjoyable weekend!
friday night vincent and i visited a theatre premiere which was horrible, really. just after ten minutes i really wanted to escape that place, but since all of vincents classmates and some of his teachers were there, he couldn't leave and i didn't want him to suffer alone. so we both had to endure it.

saturday was really a great day. it started with hearts in my muesli and sunshine in the sky. vince and i took a walk through the city, i bought groceries because my sister came for a visit that afternoon. i made an amazing vegan potato-zucchini-butternut squash gratin and some apple-beet-salad.
it was delicious. afterwards we went for a drink with a couple of friends of mine. my sister is 10 years older than me, so i never got to hang out with her and my friends before.
what i thought could be really awkward was actually really nice. we had a great time.

today it was cold and uninviting outside again. so i stayed at home and enjoyed almond milk hot chocolate. yum.

Is it getting colder where you live right now?

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